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Shawnee State Forest Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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Title: The Ultimate Guide to Horse-Friendly Trails at Ohio's Shawnee State Forest




Ohio’s Shawnee State Forest, often referred to as the Little Smokies of Ohio,” is an equestrian paradise overflowing with spectacular forest views, breathtaking landscapes, and a network of trails that invite equine adventurers. This article will journey you through each horse-friendly trail, providing an exclusive trail-by-trail detail for your horse-riding itinerary. Enjoy!




1. Bear Lake Horse Trail:

This trail winds around beautiful Bear Lake and covers approximately 5.5 miles. Perfect for a relaxing day in the saddle, this scenic trail offers a combination of hardwood forest views and glimpses of wildlife.


2. Church Hollow Horse Trail: 

Covering about 6.5 miles, the Church Hollow Horse Trail is noted for its beautiful forest views and intriguing wildlife. While it's rated as a moderate trail, the slight inclines make it a more captivating ride.


3. Copperhead Fire Tower Horse Trail: 

This trail has a length of approximately 15.5 miles. It leads you through dense, lush forest areas, offering breathtaking views from the top of the Fire Tower. The trail offers a mix of flat and undulating ground, making it ideal for a varied and enjoyable riding experience.


4. Deer Loop Trail: 

This shorter, 3.2-mile trail is a great option for those seeking a shorter journey while still offering intimate experiences with nature.


5. Lower Twin Creek Horse Trail: 

With a length of around 5 miles, this trail navigates through the beautiful woods, opening up to stately views of the Twin Creek.


6. Upper Twin Creek Horse Trail: 

This trail, stretching 7.5 miles, loops around the high ridge areas adjacent to the Twin Creek, offering picturesque views and varied terrain.




Whether you're an experienced rider or a beginner, Shawnee State Forest offers the right blend of trail challenge and beauty. Its carefully maintained horse-allowed trails help ensure an enjoyable ride, letting you fully engage with the natural enchantment of the Little Smokies.


Access these trails from the horse camp for overnight rides, making sure your best equine friend has current Coggins and health papers as required by Ohio State Law. Happy trails and happy riding!




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Please note that the list does not cover all horse-allowed trails in Shawnee State Forest. Always check with the Ohio Department of Natural Resources for the most current and accurate information.


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