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Sierra National Forest Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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Title: Horseback Riding Trails in Sierra National Forest, California: An Equestrian’s Paradise




The majestic Sierra National Forest, located in the heart of California, houses several equestrian trails that are nothing short of a paradise for horse lovers. For those who seek the unique pleasure that only a horseback ride through lush forests and beside stunning water bodies can provide, here is a list of trails in the Sierra National Forest that welcome horses. 


1. Dinkey Creek Trail


Heralded amongst the most beautiful trails, the Dinkey Creek Trail, mapped over an approximate 11-mile stretch, provides visitors a moderate horseback riding experience. Woodlands, wildflowers, and the mesmerizing Dinkey Creek make this trail a feast to every rider’s eye. 


2. Lewis Creek Trail


Located near Oakhurst, California, the Lewis Creek Trail is a picturesque 5.5-mile trail that welcomes horses. What makes this trail unique is the breathtaking view of the Corlieu Waterfalls. The well-maintained trail is moderately difficult but provides an unforgettable experience to equestrians.


3. Jackass Lakes Trail


This 5-mile out-and-back trail located near Ahwahnee, California, is a favorite amongst horse riders. The trail ascends through forests to reveal the twin Jackass Lakes, making the ride completely worth the efforts.


4. Rock Creek Trail


The Rock Creek Trail is an 11.8-mile lightly trafficked loop trail near Independence, California. Horses are welcome on this trail that offers a number of activity options and a truly enriching experience amidst nature.


5. Shaver Lake Horseback Riding Trails


Nestled near the iconic Shaver Lake, this intricate trail system offers endless riding opportunities to equestrians. The lush greenery, combined with pristine lake views, makes this a favorite trail amongst riders.


Remember, while the open wilderness beckons, it's always important to be mindful of the wildlife that shares these trails with us. Pay attention to trail signs, practice good trail etiquette, and most importantly, enjoy the ride!




- Dinkey Creek Trail:

- Lewis Creek Trail:

- Jackass Lakes Trail:

- Rock Creek Trail:

- Shaver Lake Horseback Riding Trails: 


Disclaimer: Always check with the parks or local government websites for up-to-date information about trail restrictions and permitted uses before planning your horse riding adventure. The authorization for the horse riding can change due to various factors such as time of year, wildlife activities, or trail conditions.



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