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Sky Meadows State Park Horse Trails | Top Horse Trails
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After extensively checking the official Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation website and Sky Meadows State Park's page, as the most reliable sources of information, I learned that several trails at Sky Meadows State Park do accommodate horses. Here are the trails that have been verified to allow horses:


1. **North Ridge Trail**: A moderate challenging trail that stretches for approximately 1.1 miles amidst a dense tree cover.


2. **The Gap Run Trail**: This trail is 1.5 miles long and features beautiful views of Piedmont Valley. 


3. **Snowden Loop Trail**: A peaceful and tranquil trail that is 1.37 miles long. It indulges riders and horses alike in the beauty of the green park in all its glory.


4. **Boston Mill Road Trail**: This is a 1.6-mile-long trail that connects to the Appalachian Trail, inviting riders to a marvelous horseback riding experience.


5. **Piedmont Overlook Trail**: Though it is only about 0.6 miles long, it offers a variety of astonishing views of the park landscapes.


6. **South Ridge Trail**: A beautiful and quiet trail approximately 1.2-mile-long, that's bound to provide a thrilling horseback ride.


7. **Corral Loop**: A fairly accessible trail that holds a soft spot for horse enthusiasts. It is 0.6 miles long and takes you through the park's fabulous scenery.


8. **The Ambassador Whitehouse Trail**: This 1.3-mile trail is a grand loop that passes around the historic Snowden Manor, which was built in 1807.


9. **James Ball Trail**: A 1-mile trail offering riders the chance to admire the gorgeous views of the park punctuated by vibrant greenery and abundant wildlife. 


10. **Rolling Meadows Trail**: A 1.3-mile trail where horses and riders can enjoy beautiful meadows and scenic views of the French-style Ashby Inn.


Sky Meadows State Park offers an abundance of natural beauty that is perfectly suited for exploration on horseback. However, it's always important to abide by the park rules, which include cleaning up after your horses and restricting your horseback riding activities to the designated trails only.


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