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Sproul State Forest Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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Title: Horse Riding at Sproul State Forest: A Guide to Horse-Friendly Trails


Discover the magic of nature from the saddle as you explore the horse-friendly trails winding through Pennsylvania's Sproul State Forest. Get to know each terrain and experience the raw, unparalleled beauty Penn Woodlands has to offer. Here's a list of trails that particularly allow horses:


1. **Chuck Keiper Trail:** This 52-mile loop trail is well-marked and often used for equestrian activities. The trail allows you to experience the rugged beauty of the forest, from shimmering waterways to dense brushwood – offering a picturesque landscape.


2. **Fred Woods Trail:** Offering a more relaxed 4.57-mile hike, the forested terrain lures horse-riders with its striking combination of wildflowers, rock formations, and panoramic views.


3. **Donut Hole Trail:** A fantastic long trail of 90 miles that crosses forested plateaus, this trail holds allure for the more adventurous horse riders. Experience majestic vistas, quiet hollows, and the crystal-clear Kettle Creek.


4. **Dutchman Run Trails:** Easy to navigate, these trails make for a delightful destination for horse riders and nature lovers alike. You can ride along the creek and through the peaceful paths framed by a dense canopy of trees.


5. **Rocky Run Trail:** This 4.7-mile out and back trail is known for its beautiful wild flowers and captivating views. Riders of all experience levels can enjoy a peaceful ride through the lush forest along a meandering stream.


6. **Lower Jerry Run Trail:** This 5.1-mile loop trail is suitable for all skill levels, providing a serene setting filled with an array of flora and fauna. Enjoy the tranquility as you ride among the trail's beautifully forested areas. 


So, prepare your horse for a trek through the most beautiful trails of Sproul State Forest! Each trail presents a unique offering, creating a heaping dose of outdoor adventure. Be sure to check the trail conditions with park rangers before setting out, ensuring your journey is as smooth as possible. 



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Note: Kindly check the websites for the latest updates on the trail conditions and guidelines to ensure safe horseback riding.


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