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Stanislaus National Forest Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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Title: Horse-friendly Trails at Stanislaus National Forest, California  


As horseback riders look for scenic routes for recreational rides, one of the areas that should be top of their list is Stanislaus National Forest. Embark on a journey through the vast serenity, mesmerizing terrains, and unique ecosystems. This blog post compiles a list of specific trails in the forest that welcome horses. Continue reading to explore these equestrian-approved trails and plan your next adventure.


1. Arnold Rim Trail: 

An exceptional multi-use trail that spans approximately 17.5 miles, Arnold Rim Trail is great for horseback riding. It provides a picturesque voyage through the coniferous forest, with subdued inclines and some technical areas that require careful navigation 1.


2. Eagle Meadow Horse Camp: 

This campground, surrounded by several trails that allow horseback riding, makes for an ideal base for equestrian enthusiasts. The trails spread across a variety of terrains with captivating features like mountainous and meadow landscapes 2.


3. Pinecrest Lake National Recreation Trail: 

While this 4-mile trail is widely acknowledged for hiking, it's also a perfect spot for horseback riding. It circumvents the striking Pinecrest Lake, offering a refreshing and tranquil ride 3.


4. Virginia Creek Trail: 

Virginia Creek Trail is a 5-mile trail that reportedly allows horses. The trail takes you through a combination of forests, meadows, and a creek, making it an alluring riding route 4.


5. Herring Creek Trail: 

This trail offers a moderately difficult path for horses and riders, covering a 3-mile distance. You will discover cascading waterfalls and beautiful wildflowers along the trail which provide a captivating backdrop for your ride 5.


Each of these trails promises an immersive experience, making your equestrian excursion both thrilling and memorable. Always remember to respect the trail, the horses, and nature to preserve their beauty for future riders.


Remember, before setting out on any trail, make sure you confirm their accessibility and any restrictions or advisories that may be in effect, from the official Stanislaus National Forest’s website or local ranger district offices.


Happy horseriding!










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