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State Forest State Park Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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Title: Hit the Trails with Your Horse at Colorado's State Forest State Park


If you're a horse-riding enthusiast looking to explore some of Colorado's most breath-taking terrain, then the State Forest State Park is your ideal destination. Nestled in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, the park tempts visitors with arresting vistas, picturesque landscapes, and specifically, horse-friendly trail options. 


This article is for all the horse-ophiles out there, providing a detailed overview of State Forest State Park's top trails that are tailored especially for horse-riding. These trails promise a truly magical and unforgettable equestrian adventure. 


1. **Michigan Ditch Trail**

   This trail, 6.5 miles in length, offers an easy ride for both riders and horses. Michigan Ditch allows horses and promises panoramic views of the beautiful Nokhu Crags and the park's verdant landscape.


2. **Grass Creek Trail**

   At 11.5 miles long, this trail does require a bit of endurance. It traverses through stunning alpine terrain and lush meadows, making it a popular choice among horse-riders.


3. **Gould Loop Trail**

   As the name suggests, this trail is a 6.5 miles loop that takes riders through the lush Gould Mountain terrain. Horses are welcome on this easy-to-moderate trail.


4. **Ruby Jewel Trail**

   This a 4.5-mile trail is a precious gem for horse riders. Navigating lush green meadows and sun-dappled forests, this trail makes for a beautiful horseback riding experience.


5. **Montgomery Pass Trail**

   This 4 miles long trail takes you and your horse to the upper reaches of the park, offering stunning views from the top! 


6. **American Lakes Trail**

   This 6.5 miles long trail presents fantastic views of the snow-laced Never Summer Mountains and the beautiful American lakes.


Before you saddle up to ride these magnificent trails, remember to review all necessary horse riding regulations in the park. Stay safe, ride responsibly, and enjoy the beauty of Colorado's wilderness from the unique perspective of a horseback ride.



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