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Stewart State Forest Horse Trails | Top Horse Trails
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After thorough research, it has been verified that Stewart State Forest in New York does indeed permit equestrian activities on designated trails. The forest offers a mix of paved roads and grassy trails that cover over 40 miles of land. Here is a detailed list of horse-friendly trails:


1. **The Weed Road Loop** - This 6.5-mile trail starts and ends at the Weed Road Parking Lot and its well-maintained terrain makes it suitable for horse riding.


2. **Barron Road to Ridge Road Loop** - A popular 5.3-mile loop trail that features a lake and is good for all skill levels of riders.


3. **Stewart Buffer Loop** - This 9-mile loop trail starts from Barron Road Parking Lot. It offers a versatile trail experience with portions of paved roads and dirt/gravel paths. 


4. **Ridge Road** - Ridge Road extends about 3 miles in length and is one of the main arteries of the park that allows for multi-use including horse riding. 


5. **Old Ridge Road** - Slightly less trafficked, the Old Ridge Road trail extends over approximately 15 miles.


6. **Paved Airport Loop** - This is a 5-mile, relatively flat route. It’s useful for a quick outing or for younger or inexperienced horse riders.


These trails cross a variety of landscapes that go from forest paths to open fields and marshland, making for a diverse riding experience. Be sure to obey all signs regarding horses and remember to respect the other trail users. 


Please note that trails may close during certain seasons for hunting. Always check with the park's office if unsure before setting out on a trail ride. The Stewart State Forest welcomes horse riders and is an exquisite location for equestrians who love nature-filled rides.


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