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Susquehanna State Park Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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Title: Exploring Horse-Friendly Trails at Susquehanna State Park, Maryland


If you're a horseback riding enthusiast, Susquehanna State Park in Maryland is a fantastic destination to explore. Besides its stunning natural beauty, the park offers several trails that are explicitly open to equestrians. Here's a detailed guide to the horse-friendly trails that promise a delightful adventure.


1. Ivy Branch Trail

Ivy Branch Trail is a loop trail covering about 1.5 miles. Winding through diverse landscapes and beautiful wildflowers, the trail is favored by horseback riders for its moderate difficulty and scenic beauty.


2. Land of Promise Trail

Covering approximately 1.3 miles, the Land of Promise Trail allows horses. The trail features captivating views of the Susquehanna River, making it an enjoyable route for equestrians.


3. Deer Creek Trail

Taking its namesake from the Deer Creek that it skirts along, this trail allows horseback riding. Spanning about 2 miles, riders can enjoy creek side views, wildflowers, and a variety of bird species.


4. Susquehanna Ridge Trail

The lengthy 6-mile Susquehanna Ridge Trail is a dream come true for horseback riders who seek longer adventures. Offering panoramic views of Susquehanna River and lush woodlands, the trail welcomes equestrians.  


5. Lower Susquehanna Heritage Greenway Trail

This wide and flat trail covering about 4 miles is ideal for horseback riders. The trail provides a direct path to the historic Stafford Flint Furnace and Barker's Mill.  


6. Farm Road Trail

At around 3 miles long, Farm Road Trail permits horses. The trail offers equestrians diverse terrain and glimpses of local wildlife. 


Remember, it is always important to respect trail rules and ensure that both you and your horse enjoy a safe exploration. Happy riding!



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Note: Please verify from the cited sources as access rules may change.


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