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Discover Montana's Untamed Beauty at Swisher Lake Campground
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Swisher Lake Horse Campground in Montana | Top Horse Trails

Montana, a land of untamed beauty, rugged terrain, and endless adventure, beckons outdoor enthusiasts to explore its wild heart. Amidst this vast wilderness, you'll find the Swisher Lake Campground, a hidden gem offering a gateway to Montana's pristine landscapes.

The Montana Experience

Swisher Lake Campground is your key to unlocking the natural wonders of Montana. This campsite, nestled along the shores of Swisher Lake, provides an unparalleled opportunity to immerse yourself in the state's wilderness. Located just 8 miles northwest of Eureka on Sophie Bay Road 7160, this campground promises a serene escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

A Rustic Retreat

Swisher Lake Campground offers four secluded campsites, each furnished with tables and fire rings to enhance your camping experience. For those seeking solitude in nature, this is the ideal destination. Here, you'll find the perfect balance of rustic simplicity and natural beauty.

Amenities for the Adventurer

In the heart of the wilderness, Swisher Lake Campground provides essential amenities to ensure your comfort. A vault toilet offers modern convenience in a rustic setting. A hitching rack makes it easy to secure your horses, and with the lake at your doorstep, you're never far from the water's edge.

A Playground for Explorers

Swisher Lake Campground is a paradise for horse enthusiasts and hikers alike. Montana's wild terrain unfurls before you, inviting you to embark on unforgettable adventures. Whether you're saddling up for a ride or setting out on foot, the possibilities are endless.

Nature's Oasis

One of the joys of Swisher Lake Campground is its proximity to Swisher Lake. This shimmering oasis provides a tranquil backdrop for your wilderness retreat. Whether you're fishing, paddling, or simply gazing out across the water, the lake offers a serene escape.

Prepare for Adventure

It's essential to come prepared when visiting Swisher Lake Campground. There is no potable water available, so be sure to pack in everything you'll need for your stay. Responsible campers practice a "pack in, pack out" ethic, leaving no trace of their visit.

Welcoming Companions

Pets are more than welcome at Swisher Lake Campground, but they must be kept on a leash. Montana's wildlands are home to diverse wildlife, and it's important to respect the natural inhabitants of this stunning landscape.

A Year-Round Escape

Swisher Lake Campground is open to visitors year-round, although access is dependent on weather conditions. Montana's changing seasons add a unique charm to this wilderness retreat, making it a destination for all seasons.

Plan Your Escape

Swisher Lake Campground is your invitation to discover Montana's untamed beauty. It's a place where the wilderness is your playground, and every day brings new adventures. Whether you're a seasoned outdoors enthusiast or a newcomer to the wild, this campground promises an unforgettable experience in the heart of Montana's wilderness.




From Eureka follow Hwy 37 south for 2 miles and turn right onto Airport Road. Follow Airport road for 3 miles to the junction with Tetrault Lake Road. Turn left and follow for 2 miles to the junction with Sophie Lake Road. Turn right and follow for approximately 1.5 miles to Swisher Lake Road 7160B gate. Laundry, ice, gas and store are located in Eureka


Swisher Lake Campground offers the following facilities and amenities:

  • Tables
  • Fire rings
  • Vault toilet
  • Hitching rack
  • Access to the lake



  • Forest Order #D01-059-L-10 prohibits any use of an ATV, UTV, or Motorcycle in the Swisher Lake Trailhead Equestrian Parking Area
  • 16-day stay limit on all National Forest System Lands.
  • Pets are welcome but must be leashed. 
  • Lighting of fireworks is not allowed on National Forest System Lands.


Cost Details:

  • Free of use.



  • No potable water
  • Pack in/Pack out
  • The campground is managed from Memorial Day through Labor Day, but is available all year to visitors. Access is dependent upon weather conditions.


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Swisher Lake Campground does not require reservations for overnight accommodations. Please visit their page here on Top Horse Trails - Swisher Lake Campground for more information.