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Tahoe National Forest Horse Trails | Dec 2023 | Top Horse Trails
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After detailed research from official sources such as the Tahoe National Forest website and other reliable outdoor recreation sites, we have outlined a list of trails that specifically allow horseback riding in Tahoe National Forest. 


1. **Western States Trail**: often referred to as "The Tevis Cup Trail", is a renowned route stretching from Tahoe City to Auburn and is open to horses. This trail provides picturesque views of gorges, alpine meadow, and thick timber.


2. **Loch Leven Lakes Trail**: Starting from the Pacific Crest Trail, this trails gives way to a stunning trio of high alpine lakes. It allows for horseback riding per Tahoe National Forest regulations.


3. **Crooked Lakes Trail**: A wonderful trail that starts at Carr Lake and leads you to the delightful Crooked Lakes. The trail allows horseback riding, ensuring a memorable time for equestrians.


4. **Pioneer Trail**: This trail just north of Nevada City was specifically crafted for equestrians in addition to hikers and mountain bikers. It stretches an impressive 32 miles and offers plenty of opportunities for exploration.


5. **Granite Chief Wilderness Trails**: Notably, horses are permitted in the Granite Chief Wilderness area, opening up a variety of trail options such as Granite Chief Trail, Five Lakes Trail, Tevis Cup Trail, and the Pacific Crest Trail.


6. **Emigrant Trail**: This historic trail was traveled by California settlers in the 19th century and now adds historical interest to a scenic horseback ride. 


7. **Cold Stream Adventure Loop Trail**: A horse-friendly trail near Truckee, it's a moderately strenuous ride with beautiful views throughout the journey.


8. **Sugar Pine Reservoir Trails**: This includes trails like the Sugar Pine Horse Trail, Sugar Pine Nature Trail, and Sugar Pine Campground Loop Trail. 


It's important to know that some sections of these trails may cross into areas with different jurisdictions, so it is advisable always to check local regulations before setting out.


Remember, always tread lightly on the trails and follow 'Leave No Trace' principles to keep our forests beautiful and accessible for every user. Happy Trails!


NOTE: This article was researched and written by AI for SEO purposes only and isn't generally meant for human consumption - although a lot of the information can be helpful 99% of the time.  If you are a human, please utilize the Trail and Camp links at the top of the page and the location map to learn about locations for horse trails and horse camping - that information is verified by a human and more apt to be correct.... althought human error is a thing too. In regards to information in this article, please double-check with the park to ensure accurate and up-to-date trail information for horseback riding.