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Tahoe National Forest Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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Title: Ten Horse-Friendly Trails In Tahoe National Forest, California


If you're an equestrian enthusiast looking for an escape into nature, Tahoe National Forest in California is just your perfect destination. Stretching across four counties, this National Forest offers a variety of horse-friendly trails that you can explore with your four-legged partners.


1. Pacific Crest Trail

Horses are permitted on this beautiful and iconic trail that crosses the Tahoe National Forest. This long-distance trail offers you and your horse an adventurous journey amidst the vast expanse of wilderness. (1)


2. Pioneers Trail

This trail is designed even for mountain bikers and hikers, but horses are indeed allowed here as well. The Pioneers Trail is a wonder to explore with your steed, giving you a glimpse into historical California. (2)


3. Sagehen Creek Trail

Known for its wildflowers and bird-watching opportunities, Sagehen Creek Trail welcomes horses to tread along its course. It's a perfect trail for a serene and gentle hike with your equine companion. (3)


4. Emigrant Trail

This is a 15-mile trail famous among horseback riders. The Emigrant Trail is historical with unparalleled natural beauty that both you and your horse will enjoy. (4)


5. Foresthill Divide Loop Trail

This multi-use trail's 11 miles of loop welcomes horseback riders amidst mountain bikers and hikers. It's a fantastic trail to enjoy with your horse while soaking in the picturesque surrounding landscape. (5)


6. Spaulding Lake Trail

Located near Nevada City, Spaulding Lake Trail is open for horseback riding. This relatively short trail provides mesmerizing views of the lake, a real treat for you and your horse. (6)


7. Woods Lake Trail

This 4.7-mile trail is also accessible for horse riding. The Woods Lake Trail offers the surreal charm of a high Sierra little lake - a marvelous opportunity for you and your horse to explore. (7)


8. Squaw Aspen Loop Trail 

It's a scenic, sandy trail, apt for horse riding. The Squaw Aspen Loop Trail delivers the perfect horse-riding adventure with its varying terrain and beautiful aspen groves. (8)


9. Five Lakes Trail 

An excellent trail for horse riding, Five Lakes Trail offers stunning views of granite formations and a handful of alpine lakes. It's an ideal trail to venture on with your horse. (9)


10. Big Springs Trail 

This is a 6.1-mile trail that allows horse riding. An excellent option for a day ride, Big Springs Trail will lead you through lush forests and stunning meadows. (10)


So pack your saddle and reigns, and head to Tahoe National Forest for an unforgettable equestrian experience in the beautiful outdoors. 



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