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Taos Horse Getaways in Tres Piedras is Breathtaking
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Camping and Horseback riding at Taos Horse Getaways | Top Horse Trails

Taos Horse Getaways is surrounded by the Carson National Forest. The rolling landscape contains Ponderosa pines and Juniper trees along its 1 1/2-mile length. There are some fantastic rock formations that are wonderful for climbing and walking around! There are five gates at Taos Horse Getaways that allow access to Carson National Forest from all directions. There is an incredible view to the east. Taos mountain is so beautiful! A variety of wildlife can be found here, including turkeys, mule deer, elk, bobcats, black bears, tassel-eared squirrels, goshawks, red-tailed hawks, and even bald and golden eagles.


In this area, you will find trails such as old logging roads, drainage paths in canyons, cattle/elk trails, and marked trails built by Backcountry Horseman. Maps are available for you to use while you're here. New Mexico's sunrises and sunsets are always breathtaking.


Located in Tres Piedras, a small town 30 minutes south of the Colorado/New Mexico border, Taos Horse Getaways offers Horse-friendly and Dog-friendly houses. It is still one of the last untouched areas of the "Wild West". You'll ride through areas where Prehistoric Native Americans hunted and gathered. People are still discovering ancient relics from earlier civilizations (arrowheads, pottery shards, tools, etc..); you never know what you will find.

Taos Horse Getaways has the following facilities and amenities:



Ranch Cabin - It was built in the early 1970's and consists of two bedrooms (1 queen bed and 2 twin beds), a living room (two couches can be used as beds), a kitchen, and a bathroom. Water runs only from the kitchen sink. A beautiful outhouse and a wonderful shower are located close to the cabin. If you're bringing horses, there's also a good-sized paddock next to the cabin.

Living Quarter Trailers/RV’s - This is no KOA. Water and electricity are available, but there is no dump stations for 6 rigs/6 sites. Trailer pads are not provided; therefore, trailers must be leveled on their own. In each trailer site, there are two paddocks with water buckets for your horses (green corral panels, heavy, safe, and secure).

Horse Facilities . Houses come with a horse shed, secure paddock with panels, and outdoor water spigots. There are circular driveways for large trailers. Keeping your horses comfortable and safe is their top priority.


  • Houses
  • Kitchen
  • Bedroom
  • Bathroom
  • Corral and Shelter


Additional Notes:

There are wood stoves and solar orientation in the houses that provide heat. The unit also includes a TV, VCR, CD player, washer/dryer, and gas grill. Cabinets and baths are stocked with all essentials (condiments, Band-Aids, shampoo, etc).


Their two small casitas have been expanded to include a rustic log cabin and six living quarters for trailers and RVs. These additional facilities are situated on our 160-acre ranch in Tres Piedras, New Mexico.


Cost Details:

  • Ranch Cabin – $150.00 per night- 1-2 people with a 4 night minimum. Each additional person is an extra $30.00 per night = (max 6 people).
  • Trailer Camping – $ 50.00 per night per rig. RV with electric and water
  • Solar & L House Capacity: 6 nights minimum. Maximum 3 people (12 yrs. & up) per house


Note: There is no additional charge for horses or pets. Well-behaved dogs are welcome, but please keep in mind that our homes are not kennels. If you plan to bring your pets, please bring a crate to prevent any destructive behavior. *Cleaning Fee: If your dogs enjoy sleeping on sofas, there is a $100.00 cleaning fee.


During your stay at Taos Horse Getaways, you can enjoy the use of the facilities or go exploring on nearby horse trails. The following are some of the horse trails you may want to visit:


Carson National Forest - Continental Divide Trail: Hopewell North


CARSON NATIONAL FOREST - Continental Divide Trail: FR 559 North


Taos Horse Getaways does require reservations for overnight accommodations. Please visit their page here on Top Horse Trails - Taos Horse Getaways for more information: