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Tar Hollow State Park Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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Title: Unbridled Adventure: Horse-Friendly Trails at Tar Hollow State Park, Ohio 


As an equestrian enthusiast, you understand nothing compares to an open trail, nature's beauty all around, with your faithful horse companion beneath you. In Ohio's Tar Hollow State Park, the third-largest state park, you can indulge in this nature-infused bonding time. This park welcomes not only hikers and campers, but also equestrians. Here, we'll present a list of specific trails at Tar Hollow State Park that are open to horses. 


1. **Bridle Trails**


   Whip off that saddle and bridle as we explore over 25 miles of designated bridle trails in Tar Hollow State Park. They're well-marked, adding safety to your adventures. These multi-use trails meander through rich hollows and up scenic ridges, ensuring a diverse and spirited trek full of Ohio's natural beauty. 


Please note that trail use is subject to changing weather and land management regulations, so always check park rules and conditions before setting out on your equestrian adventure. 


2. **Logan Trail**


   Don't miss the Logan Trail. It's a section of the Buckeye Trail system that spans over 20 miles through Tar Hollow State Park. This popular trail gives a true experience of ridges and hollows that Ohio is famous for. It's open to horses, hikers, and backpacking. A worthwhile exploration for you and your equine friend.


3. **Fire Tower Trail**


   If you're an adventurer looking for a shorter ride, try the Fire Tower Trail. It offers 3 miles of trail open to horseback riders, promising a slower-paced, serene experience. Highlighted by the historic Fire Tower, it's a trail you won't regret embarking on.


4. **Ross Hollow Trail**


   Ross Hollow Trail is another option open to horse riders in Tar Hollow State Park. This trail covers 8 miles, providing a diverse and exciting equestrian experience. The journey promises unforgettable scenic views and elevations that you and your horse can conquer together.



5. **South Loop Trail**


   For horseback riders seeking a more challenging route, the South Loop Trail offers impressive elevation changes over its 12-mile length. With its breathtaking views and rugged terrain, this trail is not for the faint-hearted, but it will surely reward the adventurous spirit.


Please remember that all equestrians are required to have a valid trail use permit, which can be acquired from the park office. Always maintain a clean environment by picking up after your horse, respecting other trail users, and following the park's guidelines.


In conclusion, Tar Hollow State Park offers an array of trails to enjoy a day of horseback riding, each with its own unique blend of natural beauty and challenges. Whether it's a peaceful ride or a thrilling exploration, there's a trail made just for you and your horse.




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