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Taylorsville Lake State Park Horse Trails | Top Horse Trails
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Taylorsville Lake State Park, located in central Kentucky, offers over 24 miles of picturesque horse trails that attract horse enthusiasts from near and far. With its beautiful surroundings, diverse terrain, and well-maintained trails, horseback riding at Taylorsville Lake State Park is an experience you won't want to miss.


One of the best horse trails in the park is the Van Buren Loop. This 5-mile loop offers a combination of open meadows, dense woodlands, and rolling hills, providing a delightful ride for all skill levels. It is well-marked and easily accessible from the equestrian campground. As you meander through the trail, you will have the opportunity to appreciate the natural beauty of the area, including the stunning views of Taylorsville Lake.


Another popular trail is the Yoder Tipton Trail, which is a 3-mile loop that can be accessed from both the Van Buren Loop and the equestrian campground. This trail takes riders through a more rugged terrain, with winding paths along the lake and steep inclines. Despite the challenge, the trail rewards riders with breathtaking views of the lake, making it a favorite among experienced riders looking for a bit more adventure.


For those seeking a longer and more demanding ride, the Possum Ridge Trail (also known as the Orange Trail) is a must-try. This 8-mile loop traverses through dense woodlands and offers a moderate to strenuous riding experience. The trail is well-maintained, but natural obstacles such as fallen logs and rocks add an extra element of excitement. Along the way, you will enjoy the peacefulness of the forest and may even spot some wildlife in their natural habitat.


If you prefer a more leisurely ride, the Bailey Trail is perfect for you. This 4-mile trail winds through gentle, rolling hills, offering a relaxed and enjoyable experience for riders of all levels. The trail is surrounded by lush greenery and provides stunning views of the lake, creating the ideal setting for a peaceful retreat or a bonding experience with your horse.


It's important to note that all horseback riders at Taylorsville Lake State Park are required to bring their own horses, as the park does not offer rental services. Additionally, riders are asked to stay on designated trails and be cautious of their surroundings, as the park is also home to hikers and bikers.


Whether you are an experienced equestrian or a beginner rider, Taylorsville Lake State Park has horse trails that cater to all skill levels. From the challenging Possum Ridge Trail to the scenic Van Buren Loop, the park offers a variety of rides that showcase the natural beauty of Kentucky. So saddle up, grab your horse, and get ready to discover the best horse trails at Taylorsville Lake State Park.