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Texas State Park Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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Title: Top Hiking Trails that Allow Horses at Texas State Parks 



Calling all equestrian adventurers! Texas State Parks offer a veritable paradise for nature-lovers and horse riders alike. With vast miles to explore, Texas parks boast of horse-friendly trails that promise adventurers a delightful time. Here, we've compiled a thorough index of Texas State Park trails that welcome equine visitors. Let's ride!


1. Big Bend Ranch State Park - Madrid Falls Trail

Madrid Falls Trail is one of the select few in the park that is open to horses. The 10-mile trail treats visitors to stunning vistas, including a view of Madrid Falls, Texas's second-highest waterfall. Do remember that a trained guide is necessary to ride horses here due to the rugged terrains.



2. Brazos Bend State Park - West End Multi-Use Trail

With 13 miles of multi-use trails, this park offers a blend of wooded, lakeside, and prairie trails ideal for horses. The West End Trail, not exclusive but very popular among horse riders, traverses habitats for wildlife such as deer, armadillos, and over 300 species of birds.



3. Copper Breaks State Park - Equestrian Trail

The Copper Breaks State Park hosts a striking 13-mile equestrian trail. The trail winds through the park's picturesque mini-canyon landscapes and spring-fed creek areas, offering an exhilarating ride for the horse rider.



4. Davy Crockett National Forest - 4c National Recreation Hiking Trail

This forest, particularly the famous 20-mile 4C trail, is a fantastic place to encounter Texas's nature from horseback. This trail meanders through the evergreen East Texas pine forests, offering a unique view of the region's verdant ecosystem.



5. Dinosaur Valley State Park - Cedar Brake Outer Loop

Experience America's ancient history from horseback on the Cedar Brake Outer Loop. This 8-mile trail offers opportunities to view dinosaur tracks, challenging horse riders with a variety of terrains, vegetation, and scenic overlooks.



6. Lake Mineral Wells State Park - Cross Timbers Trail

Cross Timbers trail is a 12-mile equestrian trail described as the wilderness horseback riding experience of a lifetime. Rocky terrains, bountiful wildflowers, and serene lakes make each mile a mesmerizing experience.



Remember to respect park and trail rules, including orders to pick up after your horse, giving primacy to walkers, and wearing a helmet. Happy trail riding!



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