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Texas: Top Horse Camps | July 2023
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If you're an equestrian enthusiast looking for a perfect getaway in Texas, look no further. Texas is known for its vast landscapes and wide-open spaces, making it an ideal destination for horseback riding and camping. Whether you're a seasoned rider or a beginner, there are a plethora of equestrian campgrounds scattered throughout the state that cater to all levels of experience. In this article, we will explore the top equestrian campgrounds in Texas, where you can indulge in your passion for horses and nature.


1. Lake Whitney State Park - Situated near Whitney, Texas, Lake Whitney State Park offers a beautiful setting for equestrian camping. With over 20 miles of designated horseback riding trails, riders can explore the park's diverse terrain, which encompasses rolling hills, dense forests, and sandy riverbanks. The campground provides both primitive and full-hookup campsites, restrooms, and showers, ensuring that riders and their horses have a comfortable stay.


2. Palo Duro Canyon State Park - Referred to as the "Grand Canyon of Texas," Palo Duro Canyon State Park provides breathtaking scenery and excellent equestrian facilities. The park offers over 30 miles of horse-friendly trails that wind through the second-largest canyon in the United States. Riders can traverse the dramatic cliffs, explore the rugged terrain, and marvel at the stunning vistas. The campgrounds provide equestrian-friendly campsites, horse pens, and horse-friendly restrooms and showers.


3. Copper Breaks State Park - Nestled in the plains of North Texas, Copper Breaks State Park is known for its unique geological formations. The park boasts 17 miles of equestrian trails that meander through rolling prairies and rugged canyons. Riders can witness spectacular sunsets and spot diverse wildlife along the trails. The park offers equestrian campsites with water and electrical hookups, as well as horse-friendly restrooms and showers.


4. Tyler State Park - Located near Tyler, Texas, Tyler State Park is a picturesque getaway for equestrian enthusiasts. The park features over 13 miles of rustic equestrian trails that wind through dense pine forests and around tranquil lakes. Riders can enjoy the peaceful surroundings and observe the park's abundant wildlife. The campground offers equestrian campsites with water and electrical hookups, as well as equestrian-friendly restrooms and showers.


5. LBJ National Grasslands - Covering over 20,250 acres of North Texas, LBJ National Grasslands is a haven for equestrians. This vast expanse of prairies, forests, and lakes offers numerous trails for horseback riding, allowing riders to explore the diverse ecosystems and enjoy the serene beauty of the grasslands. The campground provides equestrian-friendly campsites, horse pens, and equestrian-friendly restrooms and showers.


When visiting any of these equestrian campgrounds in Texas, it is essential to know the rules and regulations regarding horseback riding and camping. Some parks require proof of negative Coggins tests for all horses, while others have specific trail access permits. Additionally, always practice good horsemanship and leave no trace by cleaning up after yourself and your horses.


So, saddle up and embark on an adventure in the Lone Star State. Texas offers a plethora of equestrian campgrounds, each with its own unique beauty and charm. Whether you prefer lush forests, dramatic canyons, or vast grasslands, there is an equestrian campground in Texas that will cater to your desires. Plan your next equestrian camping trip and experience the natural wonders of Texas on horseback.