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Things To Bring When You're Camping With Your Horse
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Are you an equestrian and looking forward to taking your horse on a camping trip? If your answer is yes, you must carry some essentials to make your journey smooth. 

If you are not sure what all things you should bring, you have indeed come to the right place! Proper planning and organization will help you make the most of your horse camping trip.

In this detailed guide, we will focus on the key things you should bring when you are camping with your horse. Now, let's get started with our discussion to gain a better understanding of this: 

The Horse Camping Checklist To Have A Look At

We understand packing can become a daunting task when you are not aware of everything you are going to need. If you are also facing this difficult situation, don't be concerned anymore! 

 Below, we will enlist some of the essentials you should pack for your horse camping trip. Let's find those out: 

  • First Aid Kit

 It is undoubtedly the first and the essential thing you should carry while horse camping. Not only camping trips, but it is an item you should always have with you wherever you go.  

In this regard, you need to carry two different first aid kits, one for you and the other one for your equine buddy. It would help if you again placed the equine first aid kit on the trailer. 

And, the one you are bringing for yourself can be placed in your truck. Another critical thing to note is that your equine kit must have certain emergency items. It includes topical wound treatment ointments, Dexamethasone, and Banamine.

  • Adequate Amount Of Water

You cannot be sure whether you are traveling to have a sufficient supply of water or not. So, if you want to be on the safe side, taking a jug full of water with you is always a good idea. 

A jug is enough if you are planning for a single-day trip. But, if you have plans to go out for several days, then, in that case, you will need to carry big jars full of water for both you and your horse. 

It will ensure that you and your horse stay hydrated throughout the journey. And ultimately, it ensures that your trip goes smoothly and hassle-free.

  • Comfortable Blankets

To ensure that your equine buddy remains comfortable on the camping trip, you should carry good quality blankets. A folded saddle blanket underneath your heavy pad provides more comfort. 

Especially if you are traveling in scorching and sweaty weather conditions, your horse may find it irritating to deal with caked dirt and dried horse sweat on a blanket. It is possible to solve this problem using a folded saddle blanket. 

With each new day ride, you can consider flipping the blanket over and putting the fresh, clean side down. In this way, you would be able to keep your heavy saddle pad clean while also ensuring the protection of your horse's back. 

Another best thing about lightweight blankets is that they are effortless to wash. You can wash it at your home with the help of your washing machine.

  • Sponge In Net Bag

Many of the equestrians who are involved in endurance riding adopt this practice. As a part, you will have to carry a sponge which you need to put in a net drawstring or mesh bag. 

Also, you can add a simple carabiner along with some clip and string to your tack or saddle. Now, when riding through water crossings, you can consider extending the cord so that the sponge drops in the water. 

It is a fantastic way to cool your horse's neck, back, and shoulder, even if the water is not that deep.

  • Sunscreen

While you are going out in the sun with your horse, then it becomes vital to ensure the protection of both your and your horse's skin. It is suggested to wear a high SPF sunscreen. It would help if you also kept a lip balm with SPF handy while wearing sunblock. 

So, you can reapply it whenever required. Again, you can schedule a consultation with your equine vet to find out whether your horse needs sunscreen or not. 

If you discover pink spots on the nose or around the eyes of your horse, then it may occur due to sensitivity to the sun. So, it is better to stay protected by applying good quality sunscreen.

  • Fly Protection

Before you go out, you should never forget to apply bug repellent to your clothes and skin. Make sure your horse is protected as well. You can choose a good quality fly spray to ensure the protection of your horse. 

Typically, these sprays are formulated to repel mosquitoes, flies, and other biting insects. And so, by carrying these kinds of sprays, you do not have to worry about anything. If you are traveling in a rain prone or through wet areas, bringing a waterproof bug spray with you would be a good idea.

  • Mobile Device With Mapping Application

Horse camping can be an excellent opportunity for you to unplug. But leaving your mobile phone at home is never a good idea. Instead, it would help if you mandatorily carried it to ensure you do not get lost anywhere. 

Also, ensure that the phone is fully charged and has a mapping app installed. But never keep the phone attached to the saddle. 

Instead, keep it attached to your body. In this way, you would be able to ensure that you have your phone with you, even if you have separated from your horse.  

End Thoughts

All the things we have enlisted in this guide are a must to carry when you are camping with your horse. Whenever you are ready with these, you can concentrate on your trip more, which will help you to enjoy your trip to the fullest. 

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