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Tiger Mountain State Forest Horse Trails | Top Horse Trails
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Tiger Mountain State Forest, located in western Washington state, offers a diverse range of outdoor activities for nature enthusiasts. One of the most popular attractions within the forest is its extensive network of horse trails. Whether you're a seasoned equestrian or a beginner looking to explore the world on horseback, Tiger Mountain State Forest has something to offer everyone. In this article, we will explore some of the best horse trails at Tiger Mountain State Forest.


1. Tiger Mountain Trail (TMT)

The Tiger Mountain Trail is the main thoroughfare within the state forest. Extending for over 15 miles, this trail allows riders to experience the breathtaking beauty of the surrounding forest. Horseback riders can soak in picturesque views of the Issaquah Alps and the Puget Sound as they traverse the winding path of the TMT. This trail caters to riders of all skill levels and offers a mix of terrains, including well-maintained gravel paths and more rugged sections that add excitement to the ride.


2. Preston Railroad Trail

The Preston Railroad Trail, once a rail line, is now a scenic horse trail that runs for about 4 miles. This relatively flat trail is perfect for beginners and families looking for an enjoyable horse riding experience. The trail winds through lush forests, meadows, and even crosses several streams. The area's diverse ecosystem is home to various wildlife species, creating an immersive experience for horse riders. Keep an eye out for deer, elk, and the occasional eagle soaring above.


3. Silent Swamp Trail

For those seeking a trail that adds a touch of adventure to their horse riding experience, the Silent Swamp Trail is a must-visit. Stretching approximately 3 miles, this trail takes riders through a dense forest and a unique swampy area, providing a serene and secluded atmosphere. As you traverse this trail, you'll come across a wooden boardwalk, making it easier for both horses and riders to navigate the sometimes muddy terrain. The variety of landscapes found along the Silent Swamp Trail makes it a top choice for more advanced riders looking for an exciting challenge.


4. Hobart Horse Trail

The Hobart Horse Trail offers riders a peaceful and scenic ride through old growth forests, streams, and meadows. This trail is well-maintained and easy to navigate, making it suitable for riders of all levels. Its meandering path provides stunning views of the surrounding mountains and valleys, allowing horseback riders to fully appreciate the natural beauty of Tiger Mountain State Forest. The Hobart Horse Trail also connects to other trails like the TMT, providing riders with the option to embark on longer excursions if desired.


5. Adventure Trail System

For those looking to explore Tiger Mountain State Forest extensively, the Adventure Trail System is a network of interconnected trails covering over 50 miles. This system offers a wide range of difficulty levels, allowing riders to customize their experience based on their skills and preferences. Whether you want a gentle ride or a more exhilarating adventure, the Adventure Trail System has something for everyone.


In conclusion, Tiger Mountain State Forest is a haven for horse lovers, offering a plethora of well-maintained trails that showcase the natural beauty of the area. From the stunning views along the Tiger Mountain Trail to the unique landscapes found on the Silent Swamp Trail, there is no shortage of excitement and tranquility when exploring these trails on horseback. So, saddle up and embark on an unforgettable equestrian adventure at Tiger Mountain State Forest.