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Tuscarora State Forest Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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Title: Horse-Friendly Trails at Tuscarora State Forest, Pennsylvania


Hello, fellow equestrians! Do you fancy a ride through the scenic beauty of Pennsylvania’s forests, specifically the Tuscarora State Forest? If yes, this article is for you! Check out this list of trails in the Tuscarora State Forest that specifically allow horses. 


1. **The Tuscarora Trail**: As the namesake offering of the forest, this 110-mile trail permits horses and offers unmatched vistas of Pennsylvania. Be ready to smitten by forestry, valleys, ridge tops, and small villages en route.


2. **Ramseys Draft Horse Trail**: An ideal trail for the adventurous equestrian, Ramseys Draft Horse Trail offers exhilarating riding experience through a wilderness setting.


3. **Bear Hole Trail**: Let your horse gallop on this beautiful 14.3-mile trail that winds its way through majestic woodland. Be prepared to enjoy scenic mountain views and abundant wildlife.


4. **Iron Horse Trail**: Named with a nod to the railroads, this 10-mile trail is perfect for horse riders looking for a moderate challenge. It’s one of the most popular trails among PA's equestrian community.


5. **Big Spring Trail**: For those who have beginners or young riders in their group, the Big Spring Trail is perfect. At 6 miles, it's a good length without being too challenging and it winds its way through some really picturesque parts of the forest.


6. **Stone Creek Trail**: A loop of approximately 15 miles, this trail will allow your horse to stretch its legs while you relish the stunning views of the forest.


Remember, each trail could have different conditions based on the weather, so please be sure to check local reports before you head out. Happy riding!



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