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Tuskegee National Forest: Top Horse Trails | July 2023
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Tuskegee National Forest, located in central Alabama, is a hidden gem for horseback riding enthusiasts. With its diverse landscape, beautiful scenery, and well-maintained trails, the forest offers a plethora of opportunities for riders to explore the great outdoors on their trusty steeds. From beginner-friendly paths to more challenging routes, here are the top horse trails in Tuskegee National Forest that you simply cannot miss.


1. Bartram Trail:

Stretching approximately eight miles, the Bartram Trail is a popular choice for riders of all levels. Named after the famous naturalist William Bartram, this trail takes you through towering oak and pine trees, offering picturesque views of Lake Tuskegee. The well-marked path is relatively flat, making it suitable for beginners and horses that may not be too experienced with trail riding.


2. Mossy Dell Trail:

For a longer and more challenging ride, the Mossy Dell Trail is ideal. Covering around 12 miles, this trail takes riders through a variety of terrain, including pine forests, streams, and open meadows. The undulating landscape provides several opportunities for trotting and cantering, offering a thrilling experience for more seasoned riders.


3. Macon County Trail:

Running for approximately six miles, the Macon County Trail offers a delightful ride through the heart of Tuskegee National Forest. This path is known for its scenic beauty, showcasing the forest's vibrant flora and fauna. Riders will often encounter deer, wild turkey, and various bird species along the way. The trail is well-maintained and relatively flat, making it suitable for riders of all levels.


4. Tuskegee Horse Trail:

The Tuskegee Horse Trail is a favorite among local equestrians, thanks to its convenient location and breathtaking scenery. Spanning about 10 miles, this trail takes you through dense pine forests and occasionally opens up to stunning views of rolling hills and meadows. Be prepared for some moderate inclines and rocky sections, which add an extra element of adventure to the ride.


5. Gorge Loop Trail:

For riders seeking a shorter yet more challenging experience, the Gorge Loop Trail is the perfect choice. Spanning around four miles, this trail winds through the beautiful Chewacla Gorge, offering stunning panoramic views of the surrounding woodland. The trail is marked as moderately difficult, with some steep climbs and descents. It is recommended for riders with some previous trail riding experience.


Before embarking on any of these trails, there are a few key things to keep in mind. It is important to pack water and snacks for both yourself and your horse, especially on longer rides. Wearing appropriate riding gear and a helmet is necessary for safety. Additionally, it is essential to stay on designated trails, respect wildlife, and pick up any trash you come across to help preserve the beauty of the forest.


Tuskegee National Forest's top horse trails offer a unique opportunity for riders to immerse themselves in nature while enjoying an exhilarating equestrian adventure. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced rider, the variety of trails in this majestic forest will surely leave you with unforgettable memories. So saddle up and get ready to explore the wonders of Tuskegee National Forest on horseback!