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Uwharrie National Forest Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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Title: Equestrian Adventures: Horse-Friendly Trails at Uwharrie National Forest, North Carolina


Equestrian enthusiasts, it's time to saddle up and explore the wonder-filled equine trails at Uwharrie National Forest in North Carolina. Sitting in the heart of the state, amidst the ancient Uwharrie Mountain Range, this national forest offers diverse, exciting, and well-maintained trails perfect for horseback riding. The top trails that allow horseback riding at Uwharrie are:


1. Wood Run Mountain Bike and Horse Trail

This shared-use trail offers horse riders an adventurous trip with colorful displays of seasonal wildflowers and panoramic views of the forest. Stretching over 8 miles, it caters to intermediate-level riders with its mild to moderate difficulty level.


2. Dutchman’s Creek Trail 

A 12-mile route, Dutchman’s creek trail teases with its dips and rises, providing a challenging ride for experienced horse riders. It intersects with the Uwharrie trail and is well-loved for the verdant forest, friendly wildlife, and peaceful stream crossings.


3. Uwharrie Trail 

This 20-mile trail is the longest in the Uwharrie National Forest. It meanders through a rejuvenating landscape of mixed hardwood forests, tranquil streams, and remnants of the region's rich history. It's ideal for seasoned riders seeking a captivating entry into the heart of Uwharrie.


4. Birkhead Mountains Wilderness Trek

Nestled in the north of Uwharrie, Birkhead Mountains Wilderness is a jewel of untouched nature. Riders can explore a well-marked 3-mile loop trail traversing through the wilderness, with beautiful vistas and opportunities to spot native wildlife.


5. Falls Dam Trail

This compact trail is both enticing and challenging, intriguing riders during its 3 miles stretch with beautiful lake views and steep sections. The varied landscape makes horse riding on the Falls Dam Trail a mesmerizing experience. 


Note: All horse riders must have a Horse Pass while on the trail, obtainable from the Uwharrie Ranger District office or local outdoor retail stores.


Riding through these horse-friendly trails of Uwharrie National Forest is undoubtedly a wholesome way to connect with nature and your equine partner. Preplan your ride by checking current trail updates and practicing Leave No Trace principles, contributing to the healthy and harmonious Uwharrie environment.




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Note: Always verify the latest guidelines before you plan your ride on these trails, as regulations can change based on seasonal and environmental conditions.


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