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Discover the Beauty of Wayne National Forest at Stone Church Horse Camp
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Stone Church Horse Camp in Ohio | Top Horse Trails

In the heart of the Wayne National Forest lies a hidden gem for equestrian enthusiasts - Stone Church Horse Camp. This remarkable camp, part of the Stone Church Horse Trail System, offers a unique opportunity to explore the breathtaking natural beauty of the forest while forging unforgettable memories on horseback.

A Trail System Like No Other

Named after the skeletal ruins of an old stone church that graces the area, the Stone Church Horse Trail System boasts 21 miles of trails that wind through the undulating hills of the Wayne National Forest. These well-maintained trails offer an ideal canvas for riders, providing various loops for different distances and experiences.

As you embark on your equestrian adventure, you'll journey through diverse landscapes, including open fields, brushland, mature forests, and newly-grown woodlands. Each turn of the trail reveals a new vista, with opportunities to glimpse the region's remarkable wildlife and the enduring influence of human activity - both past and present. Along the way, you'll encounter clear evidence of the forest's ongoing land management activities, a testament to its commitment to sustainability.

The Equestrian Haven

At the trailhead of this extraordinary trail system awaits the Stone Church Horse Camp, designed with equestrians in mind. Here, riders will find a haven for both themselves and their four-legged companions. The camp features ten spacious sites, each offering a parking space measuring 45 feet in length by 15 feet in width. Two of these sites are fully accessible to individuals with disabilities, ensuring that everyone can partake in this unforgettable experience.

Each campsite comes equipped with essential amenities, including a covered paddock for your horses, a fire pit for evening gatherings, and a tent pad for a comfortable night's sleep beneath the stars.

A Seasonal Retreat

While Stone Church Horse Camp is a year-round destination, it's essential to note that the trails are seasonally closed to horseback riding use during the winter and early spring months. This brief pause allows the forest to rejuvenate and ensures the safety and enjoyment of all riders when the trails reopen.

An Equestrian's Paradise

Stone Church Horse Camp is not just a campground; it's a gateway to adventure and a tribute to the beauty of Wayne National Forest. Whether you're an experienced rider or a novice seeking a new equestrian experience, this camp welcomes you with open arms to explore the natural wonders of the forest from the back of a horse.

Saddle Up and Discover the Wayne

So, if you're ready to embark on a journey through rolling hills, lush forests, and captivating vistas, saddle up and head to Stone Church Horse Camp. Unplug from the hustle and bustle of daily life and reconnect with nature in one of Ohio's most remarkable equestrian destinations. The Wayne National Forest awaits, and at Stone Church Horse Camp, the adventure of a lifetime is just a ride away.



To find this campground and trailhead west of Shawnee, OH:

Take State Route 93 out of Shawnee. Turn left on County Road 38. The Horse Camp and main trailhead is on the right, the old primitive campground trailhead is further on to the west.


Stone Church Horse Camp offers the following facilities and amenities:

  • Horse trails
  • Picnic tables
  • Toilets
  • Parking area
  • Watering tank
  • Covered paddock
  • Firepit
  • Tent pad
  • Horse corrals
  • Hitching rails
  • Loading ramp


The trailhead provides a camp specifically for equestrians and 21 miles of scenic riding. The horse camp has ten sites provided at the campground, each with a 45' long by 15' wide parking space. Two sites are fully accessible for people with disabilities. Each site has a covered paddock, fire pit, and tent pad.

This trailhead is part of the Stone Church Horseback Riding Trail System.


Cost Details:

  • $15/night.



  • This campground is open seasonally from early spring to winter.
  • Watering tank available. Water at the faucet is potable but water in the tank is only fit for horses.
  • You can build a campfire as long as you have a 10-foot clearance around it and put a ring around it with rocks.
  • Fires must be extinguished before leaving camp.
  • No bonfires are allowed.
  • No standing or green trees may be cut.
  • Check the bulletin boards to ensure no fire bans are in effect.
  • Sites are not able to be reserved.


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Stone Church Horse Camp does not require reservations for overnight accommodations. Please visit their page here on Top Horse Trails - Stone Church Horse Camp for more information.