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Wayne National Forest Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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# Horse Riding Trails in Wayne National Forest, Ohio – A Guide for Equestrians 


Are you an equestrian enthusiast looking to satisfy your love for horse riding in the heart of nature? Look no further! Ohio's Wayne National Forest, one of America's national treasures, offers several horse-friendly trails. We've put together this guide to help you find which trails are just perfect for you and your equine friend.


### 1. Stone Church Horse Trail

Several loops and connecting trails make up the wide-ranging Stone Church Horse Trail system. It covers around 21 miles, promising an adventurous riding experience through hardwood forests and hillside terrains. Prepare to be mesmerized by the eye-catching scenic overlooks.


### 2. Pine Creek Horse Trail

Stretching across 17 miles, the Pine Creek Horse Trail, in the Ironton Ranger District, offers a gentle to moderate journey through mixed hardwood forests. This forest trail dotted with seasonal wildflowers promises a peaceful retreat for horseback riders.


### 3. Hanging Rock Trail System

Here, horse riders can explore about 26 miles of marked trails overlooking the picturesque Ohio River valley. The Hanging Rock trail system features everything from easy trails to challenging hills, making it a versatile choice for riders of all skill levels.


### 4. Telegraph Trail

At 10 miles long, the Telegraph Trail is a great option for riders looking for a shorter yet intriguing journey. The trail winds through mature forests and rolling Appalachian foothills, making for a charming horseback ride.


### 5. Morgan Sisters Trail System

Though the Morgan Sisters Trail System is less popular, it offers about six miles of peaceful forest trails ideal for horse riding. The heron rookery and frequent turtle sightings make this trail a unique experience.


### 6. Kinderhook Trail

A multi-use horse trail, the Kinderhook Trail, is eight miles long and winds through mixed hardwood forests. Offering an array of large rock outcrops, this is the perfect trail for those who seek an adventurous journey with their horse.


P.S. Remember, it's crucial to check with the respective trailhead or the Wayne National Forest authority before your trip, as seasonal closures or alterations in trail status can occur.


All these horse-riding trails in Wayne National Forest are guaranteed to fulfill your adventurous streak and let your horse enjoy nature's best treats!



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