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Wenatchee National Forest Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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Title: Five Horse-Friendly Trails to Enjoy at Wenatchee National Forest 


If you're a horseback rider seeking to explore the raw beauty of Washington State, the Wenatchee National Forest promises an enthralling equestrian experience. Ambling through lush greenery with your hoofed companion is no longer a distant dream with these horse-friendly trails, all promising unique and exhilarating adventures. 


1. **Icicle Ridge Trail** 


Icicle Ridge Trail #1570 is a popular trail among equestrians due to its extensive network. Serving up panoramic views of the beautiful Icicle Creek valley, this 29.2-mile loop is both a challenge and reward. Its rolling terrain and steep inclines might test your horse's stamina, but the richly diverse flora and fauna on the trail are natural masterpieces requiring pause. 


2. **Mad River Trail**


Tracing the Mad River through beautiful Ponderosa Pine woodlands, the Mad River Trail #1409.1 offers 14 miles of gentle terrain. This out and back trail is ideal for relaxed rides, offering horse riders moments of tranquility amidst the naturally-occurring beauty. 


3. **Eightmile Lake Trail**


Eightmile Lake Trail #1552 is a delightful 6.6-mile round trip ride that offers an immersive experience into the forest wilderness. Riding around the stunning Eightmile Lake, you can relish in the beauty of alpine landscapes, enchanting wildflowers, and the grandeur of Cashmere Mountain. 


4. **Lake Creek Trail**


The Lake Creek Trail #1504 is an 8.4-mile out and back trail that winds through dense forest, alpine landscapes, and meadows covered in wildflowers. This trail leads you to beautiful Lake Ethel, where the landscape offers a picturesque setting for a picnic. 


5. **Chiwawa River Trail**   


Chiwawa River Trail #1550 welcomes horses into its easy-going terrain, extending 14 miles along the Chiwawa River through lush coniferous forest. It's a scenic journey with multiple creek crossings, granting you and your horse an adventurous experience while enjoying the natural beauty. 


Washington's Wenatchee National Forest is a haven for equestrian enthusiasts, offering a range of horse-friendly trails that offer diverse experiences, from serene rides to more challenging endeavors. Grab your riding gear and saddle up for some unforgettable adventures. 




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