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Wharton State Forest Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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Title: Equestrian Adventures: Horse-Friendly Trails in Wharton State Forest, New Jersey


Being the largest single tract of land in the New Jersey State Park system, Wharton State Forest offers numerous trails that invite the tromping of equine hooves. Whether you're out for a leisurely trot or a breathtaking gallop, these trail names at Wharton State Forest are specifically equestrian-friendly. 


1. **Batsto Lake Trail** 


Batsto Lake, a beautiful 50-acre lake, can be circumnavigated on horseback. The trail around it is approximately 4 miles long, offering a great opportunity for a leisurely and scenic ride. 


2. **Atsion Family Campground to Quaker Bridge Trail**


This straightforward trail from the campground to the Quaker Bridge is approximately 6 miles. The trail provides an excellent route for visitors, offering picturesque views of the surrounding forest right from the back of your horse.


3. **Mullica River Trail**


The Mullica River Trail is a favorite among many horse riders. The trail charges through about 9.5 miles of the beautiful Pine Barrens, densely packed with pitch pines and oak trees. It meanders from Atsion to Batsto Village, promising an adventurous ride.


4. **Batsto to Quaker Bridge Trail**


This is yet another fantastic horse trail in Wharton State Forest. Spanning 5 miles, the trail presents you with an excellent opportunity to engage with nature while riding your horse amidst the serene environment.


5. **Washington Turnpike/Quaker Bridge Trail**


Unleash your horse's spirit on this long and straight trail stretching a whopping 10 miles approximately. Subsume yourself into the surrounding nature and let your horse gallop to their heart's content.


6. **Lower Forge Camp to Mullica River Wilderness Camp Trail**


This short but sweet 1.5-mile trail between campsites is a must-try for all horse lovers. This trail guarantees a postcard-worthy ride. 


To learn more about these specific horse-friendly trails, including detailed information on trail etiquette and horse care, do visit the official Wharton State Forest page. Happy riding!




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Please note that the trails' conditions, rules, and regulations may change over time. Always verify with the official site for the most current and accurate information before planning your trail riding adventure at Wharton State Forest.


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