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Wind Creek State Park: An Angler's Paradise and Horse Campsite in Alabama
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Wind Creek State Park in Alabama | Top Horse Trails

Nestled south of Alexander City on Alabama Highway 128 lies Wind Creek State Park, one of the largest state-owned campgrounds in the United States. Beyond its size, Wind Creek holds a special allure as it provides public access to the picturesque Lake Martin. Spanning 1,444 scenic acres, the park's shoreline embraces the stunning Lake Martin, making it a haven for anglers seeking an abundance of fish species. Additionally, Wind Creek State Park offers a unique experience for horse campers, with a designated area for equestrian camping. From fishing tournaments to birdwatching opportunities, this multifaceted park promises an unforgettable outdoor adventure for all.

Angler's Paradise on Lake Martin

Wind Creek State Park's proximity to Lake Martin makes it a haven for fishing enthusiasts. The lake offers a diverse range of fish species, including crappie, bluegill, and striped bass, attracting anglers from far and wide. Numerous fishing tournaments are scheduled at the park each year, adding to the excitement for avid anglers. For those seeking a thrilling adventure, the "Chimney Rock" area of Lake Martin offers an adrenaline-pumping experience. After a day of fishing, visitors can unwind at the North Picnic Area, indulging in swimming and fishing by the serene waters of Lake Martin. Wind Creek State Park truly caters to the passions of both novice and seasoned fishermen.

Camping Options and Amenities

Wind Creek State Park provides an array of camping options to suit different preferences. With 586 campsites, campers can immerse themselves in the beauty of nature while enjoying a variety of outdoor activities. The campsites include waterfront options with 30 amp service, sewer waterfront sites, sewer campsites, and base campsites with 30 amp service. For those seeking a more comfortable stay, the park offers seven camping cabins, with one cabin being handicap accessible. Each air-conditioned cabin features a kitchenette and a private bathroom, requiring guests to bring their own bed linens, towels, cooking, and eating utensils.

For those seeking premium amenities, 39 sites offer water, sewer, 50/30/20 amp electrical service, waterfront access, and TV service. Some sites have been recently renovated to be handicap accessible, providing convenient facilities for all visitors. Throughout the park, bathhouse and playground facilities are conveniently scattered, ensuring ease and comfort for campers during their stay.

Equestrian Camping Area

Wind Creek State Park extends its hospitality to horse campers, offering a designated area with 20 campsites reserved exclusively for equestrian camping. With 30 amp electrical and water service, horse enthusiasts can create unforgettable memories exploring the park's scenic trails on horseback.

Piedmont Plateau Birding Trail

Beyond fishing and camping, Wind Creek State Park is an important stop on Alabama's Piedmont Plateau Birding Trail. Birdwatchers can delight in a variety of waterfowl, raptors, and songbirds that call the park home. Throughout the year, visitors may have the chance to spot majestic bald eagles and ospreys soaring through the skies, adding to the park's charm as a birdwatching destination.

Wind Creek State Park in Alabama offers a diverse range of outdoor experiences, from fishing and birdwatching to horse camping in the heart of nature. With Lake Martin as its centerpiece, the park caters to anglers with its abundance of fish species and fishing tournaments. Campers can choose from a wide selection of campsites, including equestrian camping for horse enthusiasts. The park's tranquil beauty and varied amenities ensure a memorable and enjoyable retreat for nature lovers and outdoor adventurers alike. Whether seeking relaxation by the water's edge or embarking on thrilling fishing expeditions, Wind Creek State Park offers a haven for all who wish to savor the great outdoors in Alabama.


Wind Creek State Park offers the following facilities and amenities:

  • 102-30 amp waterfront campsites
  • 18-30 amp sewer waterfront campsites
  • 211-30 amp sewer campsites
  • 216-30 amp base campsites
  • 7 camping cabins (it’s an air-conditioned cabin that has a kitchenette and a private bathroom.)
  • 20 equestrian campsites (with electrical and water services)
  • Horse trails
  • 9 premium campsite amenities include; water, sewer, 50/30/20 amp electrical, waterfront access, and TV service
  • Bathhouse
  • Playground facilities


Horse Trails
Approximately 20 miles long. Orange Trail is 5 miles and the Blue Trail is 15 miles. Offering multiple views of wildlife, the Jeff Reed Horse Trail takes riders through a vast forest of mixed hardwood, pines, and ferns, along a stream and views of Lake Martin. For visitors that are horse camping, an additional 20 camping sites are available in our overflow area. Please call and check for overnight availability. All the trails at Wind Creek are horse-friendly trails.



Overnight horseback camping is available, offering 20 sites with water and electrical hookups, or you can pay a day-use fee and bring your horses for a day of horseback riding. To camp in this area, you need to have horses with you, otherwise, you will be directed to our regular campground area.


Notes: Camping in the equestrian area is on a walk-up-only basis. Reservations are not taken for this area.


Cost Details:

  • Rates vary by date, availability, and unit amenities. Please visit to check rates and date availability
  • The camping rate includes electric and water hookups and covers 1 to 4 people per site.
  • A $5.00 One-Time Transaction fee will apply, as well as a Daily 4% resort fee.


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Wind Creek State Park does require reservations for overnight accommodations. Please visit their page here on Top Horse Trails - Wind Creek State Park for more information