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Wrangell-Saint Elias National Park and Preserve Horse Trails | Top Horse Trails
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Title: Exploring Nature's Majesty: The Best Horse Trails at Wrangell-Saint Elias National Park and Preserve




Nestled in the untamed wilderness of Alaska, Wrangell-Saint Elias National Park and Preserve stands tall as a true testament to nature's grandeur. With its towering mountains, sprawling glaciers, and breathtaking vistas, exploring this magnificent park on horseback is an experience like no other. Join us as we unravel the top horse trails that allow equestrian enthusiasts to immerse themselves in the stunning beauty of this national park.


1. Copper Basin


Embark on an unforgettable journey across the Copper Basin trail, offering an unparalleled view of the surrounding Wrangell and Chugach Mountains. As you traverse lush meadows and ancient forests, experience the serenity of Wrangell River's crystal-clear waters. Once you reach the heart of the basin, witness a tapestry of wildflowers spread across the landscape, painting it with vibrant hues. Nature enthusiasts may spot an array of wildlife here, including moose, caribou, and Dall sheep, making it an ideal spot for avid photographers.


2. Chitistone Valley


Lace up your boots, saddle your horse, and venture into the majestic Chitistone Valley. This ride offers a blend of open spaces, dense foliage, and thrilling river crossings. Feel your heart race as you navigate the challenging yet rewarding trails, taking you deep into the heart of unspoiled Alaskan wilderness. The grandeur of 12,000-foot peaks, icy-blue glaciers, and the melodious sound of the Chitistone River will leave you spellbound. Enjoy ample camping opportunities along the trail, allowing you to extend your adventure and truly immerse yourself in nature's symphony.


3. Slana River and Park Creek


For those seeking a shorter but equally enchanting ride, the Slana River and Park Creek trail is an ideal option. This picturesque route offers a taste of everything Wrangell-Saint Elias National Park and Preserve has to offer. Marvel at the diversity of the landscape, ranging from dense forests to expansive alpine meadows. Take in the captivating views of the Slana River as it winds its way through the heart of the park, and keep an eye out for the beaver dams that dot the landscape. Additionally, the trail provides access to numerous fishing spots, making it a haven for anglers.


4. Nizina River


Prepare to be awestruck while riding along the Nizina River trail, which offers an unforgettable experience through the heart of the park. As you ride beneath towering snow-capped peaks and navigate river crossings, soak in the spectacular views that surround you. The trail leads to the renowned Nizina Glacier, an awe-inspiring sight where you can witness the immense power of nature. Along the way, keep an eye out for mountain goats gracefully perched on the precipitous cliffs, further enhancing the allure of the journey.




A visit to Wrangell-Saint Elias National Park and Preserve is a pilgrimage for nature lovers, and exploring its vast wilderness on horseback presents an exceptional opportunity. The park's diverse horse trails, each with its unique features and stunning scenery, offer a chance to witness some of the most breathtaking landscapes on the planet. Whether you choose to venture into the heart of the Copper Basin, immerse yourself in the tranquility of the Chitistone Valley, discover the wonders along the Slana River and Park Creek, or traverse the mighty Nizina River, you are sure to create unforgettable memories amidst nature's grand masterpiece.