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Zaleski State Forest Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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Title: Exploring Equestrian Trails at Zaleski State Forest, Ohio


Ohio's Zaleski State Forest is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts and horseback riders. Offering an abundance of trails tailored specifically for horse riding, this location is a must-visit. From winding trails to captivating wildlife views, prepare to saddle up and explore the beautiful Ohio wilderness. This article provides a detailed list of horse-friendly trails at Zaleski State Forest.


1. **Zaleski State Forest Horse Trail (25-Mile Loop)**


The Zaleski State Forest Horse Trail is a well-marked, 25-mile loop specifically designed for horse riding. Starting and ending at the Horsemen's camp, it winds through the vast forested landscape, offering various elevations and terrains suitable for both novice and expert riders. The trail is typically open throughout the year.


2. **Moonville Tunnel Equestrian Trail (Brick Church Trail)**


Roughly a 10-mile loop trail, the Moonville Tunnel Equestrian Trail, also known as Brick Church Trail, is a treasured gem for riders. This trail incorporates the historic Moonville Tunnel, which was part of the old Cincinnati & Marietta Railroad. A well-maintained, wide, and not dauntingly steep trail, it's perfect for an enjoyable horseback ride.


3. **Hope Furnace Horse Trail**


The Hope Furnace Horse Trail is a remarkable trail that passes by unique historical sites, including the Hope Iron Furnace – a 19th-century iron-smelting furnace tracing back to the Civil War era. Apart from the scenic beauty, the trail presents horse riders with a feel of history wrapped in nature.


While these trails are specially created for equestrians, it's essential to observe any posted rules or regulations to ensure the safety of both horse and rider. Please remember to respect the wildlife and other trail users while maintaining the natural beauty of Zaleski State Forest.




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