Tuesday ยท May 24, 2022
Bryce Canyon National Park Riding Restrictions
Author: Admin

There has been a letter circulating around social media in regards to the general public equestrian use of trails in Bryce Canyon National Park and issues with the trail ride concessionaire.


The letter states that the local county Sheriff received multiple complaints from the trail ride concessionaire about negative interactions with other trail riders.  Due to these complaints, the local county Sheriff made a request to the National Park to ban general public equestrian use of the trails all together. 


Based on the letter, it appears the Park is trying to find a balance between the concessionaire’s concerns and still allowing the general public to ride their horses in the park.  The Park’s solution is to limit public riding to the evening hours only so that the concessionaire can operate their trail rides during the day.  


I have messaged the park to confirm validity of the letter but as of the date of this posting I have not received a response.


If you would like to voice your concerns, here are the parties involved:


Bryce Canyon National Park


Canyon Rides (Concessionaire)
(435) 679-8665


Garfield County Sheriff